Our Partners

Sahayeta.org is proud of the milestone we have achieved in the field of primary health care and look forward to successful implementation of other initiatives that we have envisioned. In our quest to achieve our objectives, we cant but, thank our partners who have supported and teamed up with us to make a difference. Our partners are

Youth Thinkers’ Society(YTS)

YTS is an independent organization that has been designed to not only give a voice, but make sure that the voice of our country’s springtide are heard in the right places to implement proper policy changes. We are a Non Government Organization that do not identify with any political parties of the country. The history of operations of our organization goes back to 2014; in this short duration, we believe that the opportunities for change that we have provided are greater than we ever anticipated while founding this organization. Our organization focuses on leadership development and capacity building of youth through active engagement and participation. Our fundamental aim is to empower young minds by facilitating intellectual and proactive mediums and channelize their acquired skills to support the local community. Furthermore, we strongly believe that youths are the catalyst of change in the society, and today as the world has grown into a global village, we at YTS envision establishing networks for youths to exchange their ideas, knowledge and goodwill across borders and become a responsible global citizen.

Visit Website : http://ytsnepal.org

America Nepal Medical Foundation: 

As a U.S. based nonprofit organization, the America Nepal Medical Foundation is committed to supporting the Nepali people’s ongoing efforts to enhance their health status. ANMF has been working on improving the quality of medical care, medical education and medical research in Nepal. ANMF is dedicated to building Nepal’s healthcare infrastructure and developing the country’s ability to be self sustaining in the instruction and training of health care professionals. The Foundation’s first priority is education and the transfer of technical know-how to Nepal, including continuing medical education programs (CME),medical technology maintenance skills, etc. ANMF is open to any proposal that promises to strengthen Nepal’s ability to deliver quality medical care to its citizens. ANMF members and supporters have regularly volunteered to visit various health care institutions in Nepal to provide their expertise and to participate in various educational activities. This has also helped to develop collaborative relationships between Nepali healthcare institutions and various institutions in USA, Canada and other countries. Every year, ANMF provides funding support to various healthcare related projects in Nepal. 


Samuel Merritt University:

Has been a key contributor in Sahayeta’s health initiative. Since our inception and our first primary health screening, volunteer nurses and doctors from this University have contributed their skills and resources to serve the underserved sector of the Himalayan community.


Davis Street Family Resource Center:

Has provided its resources and relentless support to serve our community. Every year since 2008, the Center has opened its door to hundreds of individuals from the Himalayan Community who lack health insurance and/or access to proper health care through the Free Himalayan Primary Health Screening Project. Not only that, the Sunday free clinic that Sahayeta.org operates is in this center and would not have been as successful without their support and spirit of volunteerism.



A non-profit health and wellness services agency, is a leading community-driven provider of behavioral health, youth development, and family support services for the historically underserved Asian and Pacific Islander communities of the Bay Area. CHAA is partnering with Sahayeta.org for our next big event on August 20th “Himalayan Youth Summit” to provide a networking platform for young people and to encourage them to envision their capacity for affecting positive change in the world.



Is an American organization dedicated to the professional development of its members and technological progress of Nepal. The organization continues to utilize the creativity and talent of its members and the broader American community to develop technology-rich solutions that address some of Nepal’s challenges. CAN-USA is going to be a key contributor in the “Himalayan Youth Summit” on August 20th at Samuel Merritt University. They will be leading the career workshop and the technical aspect of the event.


Aside from these noted partners, Sahayeta.org thanks all the individuals who have supported us and contributed their precious time and energy in Sahayeta-led initiatives. And as we venture into newer grounds, we will look forward to forging newer partnerships with other community based organizations and community leaders.


The mission of TANC is to preserve the Tibetan culture and to promote self-rule in Tibet. To this end, TANC seeks to raise awareness about Tibet in the United States and to support the development of Tibetan social, cultural and artistic traditions in Northern California.



The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible.



The Humla Development Initiative’s goal is to Improve the quality of life for people in Humla, Nepal.



Bhutanese Community in California helps the Bhutanese Refugees who have migrated to California.