Update 1

Week 1 (05/05/15):

We exceeded our initial goal of raising $100K on Crowdrise. This is a HUGE accomplishment. Big Thanks to all our donors, family, friends, co-workers and supporters. The love and support has been overwhelming. We’ve decided to let the fund raising campaign run longer – the Nepal rebuilding effort will take some time.


Our goal is to be 100% transparent and accountable on how the funds are being utilized.

Total Funds Raised: $112,516 (online and offline donations)

Funds Allocation: 30% towards short term Immediate Relief. 70% for long term Rebuilding efforts.

Funds Used: $16,053

Funds Left: $ 96,463


Key Accomplishments: (Short term immediate relief. See spreadsheet for further details)

  • Shelter for up to 450 families that have been displaced (Tarps, Tents, Jasta Pata house roofs)
  • Water Filtration Systems at relief centers that will support 1500 people
  • Medicine Supply – 1000-1200 lbs.

Note: We are looking into providing additional 300 tarps and food supply. More on that next week.


Long Term
focus will be in these areas:

  • Health (Preventive, Medicine/Medical Equipment,  Sanitation)
  • Education (scholarships, youth empowerment)
  • Infrastructure (Schools, Clinics, Housing)
  • Creating economic opportunities for marginalized communities who have lost their sources of livelihoods (not sure how we are going to solve this just yet)

How are we going to provide the services?

 Our primary strategy is to partner with top notch local grass root agencies with similar operating values – there is a reason why our donors picked us and we want to stay true to that.  We are not a disaster relief organization which is why we’re seeking out the right partners/agencies to work with in Nepal.  We’ve compiled a short list of those partners and our team will assess them.  For now, our efforts are focused in Dhading & Sindhupalchok and then will adopt other areas as we scale up.

On the ground Assessment

Two Sahayeta volunteers will be in Nepal later this week to conduct an initial assessment.

  1. What are the needs in the area? Are they being met by relief organizations on the ground?
  2. Where can Sahayeta be most effective?
  3. Identifying and vetting of partners.
  4. Seeking additional partners in the areas of: public health and safety, education and for long term rebuilding efforts.

This is where we are today and where we are headed.  This is just the start.

Last week was crazy hectic. We had a lot going in terms of providing immediate relief work, talking to people on the ground in Nepal, collaborating with other agencies, dealing with press media, raising funds, raising awareness, vetting key partners, hosting Himalayan film festival (Pre-planned event. 100% proceeds will go to earthquake relief fund), responding to literally hundreds of inquiries/calls and all the while keeping our family/work commitments.  Great job by all the volunteers.

We will publish these weekly “progress update report” to outlining exactly what’s been accomplished, how much of the funds have been deployed for short term relief efforts, while planning for the long term.    We will incorporate more pictures, stats and stories to make it more engaging.  We want our donors and supporters to walk with us every step of the way.


Thank you for your on-going support. We are all in this TOGETHER!