Volunteer members

Since its inception, Sahayeta.org has worked with volunteer members who have contributed tremendous support to numerous events and projects. Their participation is indispensable!

A special heartfelt appreciation goes out to them in the immediate aftermath of the 2015 Earthquakes. These talented, motivated and fully committed volunteer members have been working behind the scenes 24/7 without recognition until now. We thank you!

San Francisco Bay Area: 

  •  Anil Pachhai
  •  Anuj Karmacharya
  •  Deepti Rajbhandari
  •  Diwash Shakya
  •  Enzo Bhutia
  •  Jain “Richie” Thapa
  •  Justin Barker
  •  Karmath Pradhan
  •  Mansha Thapa
  •  Nippon Pradhan
  •  Prateek Subba
  •  Reshma Subba
  •  Ringo Shakya
  •  Rinkee Shakya
  •  Shanker Shrestha
  •  Shilpa Shakya
  •  Sujita Shrestha
  •  Surya Chataut

Dallas, Texas

  • Rijan Shrestha
  • Tseten Kansakar Shrestha