Update 4


Sahayeta Nepal Earthquake Relief Update:

June 9, 2015

This week we continued to work on relief efforts but also started identifying some projects and partners to start longer term rebuilding efforts. In the next update we hope to share details around our plans for rebuilding schools. Our biggest hurdle was to find corrugated zinc roof, which is in high demand and the most viable solution to create shelter form monsoon rains.


Our relief efforts this week has been as follows:

– Thank you Hayward Lumber, Redwood City for donating gloves and masks to the Nepal army and relief workers who were working with their bare hands to remove debris. We were able to:
  • Provide 180 pairs of good quality gloves and 150 masks to Nepal army debris management team to help in the cleaning efforts. 
  • Provide 60 pairs gloves and 50 masks to Himalayan Society for youth and women empowerment  team on the ground. 

– Wilson Lin, Sahayeta volunteer from California arrived in Kathmandu with 100 tents.  Unfortunately the airport confiscated 10 of them. We are working with Youth Thinker Society (YTS) to distribute these tents in Rasuwa where there is a immense need due to multiple landslides.

– Delivered corrugated Zinc roofs to 110 homes in 3 villages in Sindhupalchowk. 30% of our distribution focused on Dalit (untouchables) families who have been extremely marginalized. We will continue our efforts to support marginalized communities during our relief and rebuilding efforts.

-With our partners Youth Thinker Society and the Ama Foundation, we are providing various schools in Dhadhing, Panauti, Bhotechaur and Budakhani with materials to rebuild.

– With our partners Rotoract club of Phulbari and the Ama Foundation, we co-funded dome shelters in Phulbari.


For a detailed list of immediate relief efforts, please visit this spreadsheet.

Through offline and online donations, we have raised $154,291. We are extremely grateful to all of you who have fundraised for us:


Team from Dallas, Texas who have raised $21,600 for Sahayeta and are continuing their efforts to raise more. Thank you: Krishna & Kriti Thapa, Arjun & Sujata Gajurel, Dipesh Kansakar, Gaurav & Bijaya Shrestha, Rijan & Tseten Shrestha, Mukesh Khanal, Milan Khanal, Sudarshan Tuladhar, Sapna Joshi, Suraj Shrestha for stellar work!


– Niley Shrestha and Sean Gelbaugh for fundraising $7008.28 – “All weather friends” for fundraising $2,500 and Sales Force for matching the donation.


– Sunanda Mishra and friends for donating $2,000 towards materials for building temporary housingRenae Maskey (our star fundraiser), a high school student for organizing a fundraising at Chick Fil A, Fremont.


– Ryan Spencer for hosting a very successful fundraiser at City Beer Shore in San Francisco. – San Francisco Burning Man community for hosting Burners for Nepal Benefit

– Benevity Community Impact Fund on behalf of Intuit and Genetech $389.80

Nepali army clearing debris prior to gloves and mask distribution.
Zinc roof distribution to 110 homes in 3 villages in Sindhupalchowk.
Wilson Lin arrived with 100 tents in KTM but airport authorities kept 10 tents.
Thank you Hayward Lumber for equipping relief workers with much needed gloves and masks!
Local people are building shelters using available resources.
Thank you team Dallas!