Update 5




Sahayeta Nepal Earthquake Relief Update:

August 5, 2015


THANK YOU for helping us exceed our fundraising goals by more than 100%. As of today, we have raised a total of $202,494. We utilized approximately 30% of these funds for immediate relief and plan to invest the remaining towards rebuilding efforts. Please refer to this spreadsheet for details on where funds have been allocated.

As planned, we have now started working on longer term rebuilding efforts. In the last 3 months, we were able to create a network of grassroots organizations with more than 1000 volunteers on the ground in Nepal. We are extremely proud of our partnership with organizations such as Sebs-NA, Sebs, YTS, Nepalshare, 360+, Ama foundation, Lightening Nepal and many local leaders in the villages we served. Several members of Sahayeta.org are heading for Nepal after the monsoons to oversee work on the ground.

We will continue to update you on our work and provide you with the highest level of transparency.



Update on Rebuilding of Shree Manjushree High School:

– We are partnering with Ama Foundation, SEBS and Youth Thinkers Society (YTS)  to rebuild Shree Manjushree High School in Jyamrung- 3, Dhadhing.
– There are 485 students who attend the school
– Blueprint of the building has been created with the help of engineers from Akriti Designers group
– Framework for 6 classrooms have been formed.
– Villagers have contributed $500 of their own funds and have also provided free labor to demolished damaged buildings. They are also contributing to the lodging and food for construction workers.
– We are looking to bring Internet connection to this school and also a Library. If you are interested in supporting these efforts, please contact us.Other Efforts:

– We provided Mid Term shelters to 573 households (approximately 2,642 individuals) in the remote area of Lamabagar, Dolakha with the help of World Food Program helicopters.

– We were touched by Sabita’s story, a 32 year old single mother of 2 children. Sabita is a survivor of domestic violence and looking for assistance to rebuild her house. W provided 3 bundles of CGI sheets to help her rebuild her house.

For a detailed list of our efforts, please visit this spreadsheet.

Sabita and her two children. 
New roofs for Shree Manjushree Secondary School.
Sahayeta worked with the Womens Advocacy Center to provide transitional shelters for 15 families.
Phase 1 construction Shree Munjushree Secondary School.