About Us


Sahayeta.org is a registered 501c3 organization created by individuals who share similar stories of hardship and struggle in America, having arrived as international students, refugees and new immigrants from the Himalayan region.  Sahayeta.org is conceived with a vision to create a Network of Himalayan Community in the Bay Area to truly serve as a support system to those struggling to assimilate in this “foreign” environment.  The political and economic situation in the Himalayan region has created a diaspora of population leaving to find better life elsewhere.  There has been an influx of international students, political refugees and immigrants entering the Bay Area.  We hope to connect these individuals with resources to get them situated in their new environment while helping create a sense of community by celebrating the Himalayan heritage and culture.

 We hope to support causes in the Himalayan region to further education, health, children’s’ right, elderly rights and women empowerment.