Do you have an innovative idea that addresses the current socio-economic challenges faced by Nepalese today?

Are you searching for a platform to execute your idea?

Submit us your idea by November 18, 2015 and we will provide you the right platform by funding and mentoring your idea.
Top 10 innovative ideas will be funded by us!!

The recent earthquake in Nepal has caused an enormous loss of life and property and left thousands of Nepalese devastated. Restoring Nepal to its former state and transitioning life back to normal for the affected is going to be a long and arduous journey which will require huge amounts of effort from everyone involved, especially the younger generation. Throughout this ordeal, the youth, both from Nepal and abroad, have shown an extraordinary amount of dedication towards aiding the affected communities and helping in rebuilding our nation to the best of their abilities.

YTS call for ideas 2015 provides a platform for youth to implement their original ideas and make a valuable contribution to Nepalese society when we are at our most vulnerable. Currently, there are hundreds of young people with the desire, motivation and fresh ideas to make a difference in the community. YTS call for ideas provide an opportunity to carry out their ideas and try and make a positive change in the world around them. We intend to fill the gap between youthful motivation and effective action and effect substantial change within the community.


  1. To explore fresh innovative solutions initiated by youth to problems facing post-earthquake Nepal.
  2. To lessen and possibly eradicate socio- economic challenges faced by Nepalese people in post-earthquake Nepal
  3. To provide a platform for youth by endorsing their innovative ideas.
  4. To encourage initiative and leadership among the youth both in Nepal and abroad.

Criteria for Participation:

  1. Ideas must be submitted by an individual, group or registered organization .
  2. Each individual, group and registered organization can only submit a single idea .
  3. The paper is open to both domestic and international participants. Foreign group and registered organization can only participate if it has Nepalese member(s) .
  4. The paper is open for non residential Nepalese as well .
  5. Ideas can be written or typed in either English or Nepalese. Info graphics, videos or any other means that clearly describes the idea can also be sent to us.
  6. For Paper guideline. (Click Here)

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