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Amit Hada

​Amit Hada, is a Co-founder of Sahayeta and ​is involved with logistic and financial management for the organization. Originally from Kathmandu, he has been living in San Francisco Bay area for over 15 years with his wife and two kids. He has 14 years of professional experience in the IT field and leads the management of IT systems in one of the most prominent banks in the area. He loves playing soccer, biking, and hiking.


Amisha Hada

Amisha, Sahayeta's ​Co-​founder ,​​also ​serves in the capacity of ​the Treasurer and ​Director of Operations ​ for the organization​. She is the key ​organizer of the ​Annual Himalayan ​Film Festival in San Francisco . By profession ​,​she is ​a Human Resources Manager and brings over 8 years of experience in this field. In the past ​,​she has volunteered with ​organizations like ​Habitat for Humanity to help build and ​​or renovate houses for low income families and has also served as a mentor for high school students in Sequoia ​S​chool ​District.​ Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, she now resides in San Francisco Bay area. ​Amisha draws her​ inspiration from her selfless and dynamic ​Sahayeta ​team members and wants to be ​a ​helping hand in anyway she can​.​


Mukhiya Gurung

Mukhiya Gurung is the founder and CEO of iSolve Marketing, a full service Internet marketing firm for local and national business in the US.
Mukhiya has worked for over 10 years with some of the largest internet technology companies including IBM, PayPal, EBay, and Intuit before starting his own company. As an aspiring entrepreneur, he recently also launched a family restaurant business The Everest Kitchen that serves food from Nepal, India and Tibet. He is an active board member of Sahayeta and a published author of the book called "Power of Web Marketing". Mukhiya enjoys playing soccer, golf, reading and traveling.


Srijana Angdembey

Srijana Angdembey started her career working in Global Policy and Government Affairs department at Cisco Systems where her role was to identify public policy priority needs in sub-Saharan Africa and define Cisco’s policy engagement strategy.


Adam Sgrenci

Taking cues from his experience as a social worker, Adam Sgrenci, helped co-found Sahayeta from a slightly less personal set of motives than his peers. Though not from Nepal, he identified with the narrative of community empowerment being written by the Bay Area Himalayan Diaspora. Over the years, he’s lent a hand in just about every facet of the organization’s operations: cultural performance, youth empowerment sessions, fundraising, and media relations. Since the 2015 earthquake, he’s focused much of his interest training the next generation of home builders in the US and abroad.


Smriti Gurung

Smriti Gurung is a health care professional working as a Registered Nurse for over 8 years. Before joining Sahayeta, Smriti was also a board member of NANC (Nepali association of Northern California) and a member of NSS (Nepal Seattle Society). Smriti was the first Miss Nepal-USA 2001 runner-up and a fashion designer. She was also the first Asian/International Homecoming Queen of her college in Iowa. Her hobby includes traveling, dancing, volunteering, designing clothes, making jewelries during her free time. She has two beautiful pugs that she adores.


Shital Shrestha

I strive to live my life as a “survivor”. As I was in the phase of struggle as a Nepali international student in the United Stated of America, that phase of experience awakened me to know the importance of initial guidance to set the goal away from home. Ever since, my drive to help Nepalese immigrants and Nepalese international student has gone miles and miles far. Being a part of as a co-founder and board member, I have been able to reach out with Nepalese community and provide extensive support under my ability. I was born and raised in Nepal, first attended part of college in Hawaii Pacific University and graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in computer science as major and math as minor and have been working with TheCityPOS in California, USA. Currently reside in San Francisco, California.


Suju Shrestha

Suju Shrestha is the co- founder and former general secretary of She is a health care professional with passion for providing quality health care and education to the underserved community in Nepal and San Francisco bay area. She loves to dance, hike and travel the world. She has been sponsoring education for high school students in Palpa, Nepal since 2007. She hopes to be able to continue contributing in all the ways she can to promote education and health.


Biwesh Pradhan

Biwesh Pradhan is one of the founding members of Sahayeta and has previously served as the Vice President of the organization. Besides other hands-on roles, he also leads the Technology department. Biwesh is passionate about providing access to healthcare and education to underserved populations across the globe and to explore the role of technology in achieving such goals. He graduated from the Birla Institute of Technology in India with distinction, and then earned an M.S in Computer Engineering from the University of New Mexico, where he also felt enchanted by its ‘wide open spaces’ and the green chillies. In his free time, Biwesh volunteers at the Street Level Health project Free clinic, the DELISH lab at UCSF and Hospice By the Bay. He enjoys playing as well as coaching soccer and also loves working on his beloved 1996 Mazda Miata. For the past 12 years, Biwesh has lived, worked and enjoyed life in San Francisco including its chilly fog.  


Ashish Hada

Founding member and ​former ​P​resident of, currently lives in Cary, North Carolina. Before moving to Cary, Ashish lived in San Francisco for 12 years where he met like minded individuals, and together ​formed ​He spearheaded various projects to help the Bhutanese Nepalese community when they first arrived in the Bay area and very involved in our health camps and earthquake relief effort. Ashish currently works as an Analyst for Cisco Systems Inc. His hobbies are playing and watching soccer, outdoor activities, playing with his dog, cooking and entertaining friends.


Nisha Thapa

Nisha Thapa is the founder and executive director of She is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has spent last five years providing primary care to under served communities in East Oakland. She started Himalayan Health Care Project to provide free primary health care to uninsured and immigrant communities from the Himalayan region.  She is currently a student of Ayurvedic Medicine. She has completed her two years of study and is looking forward to one year of training to complete her course work for Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. She is passionate about integrating mind body spirit medicine in her clinical practice. She is regular practitioner of yoga, meditation and silence. She is also a key organizer of the Himalayan Film Festival in San Francisco Bay Area. She spent last five months in Nepal volunteering on Nepal earthquake relief efforts partnering with grass root youth based organization. She is actively involved in outreaching to the remotest regions of Nepal educating untouchable children. She is overseeing rebuilding of three schools in Nepal post earthquake and working on creating jobs that focuses on sustainable social entrepreneurship model.

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