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Sahayeta Joint Collaborative Fund Raising Initiative

Thousands of Nepali migrant workers wanting to return to their homes are stranded at various check posts on the Indo-Nepal border. We need your help to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a severe impact on Nepal’s already fragile healthcare and economic systems.The lockdown has put an enormous strain on the country’s economy- directly impacting two major sources of income for the country: tourism and remittance from migrant workers.

Having lost their jobs, thousands of Nepali migrant workers are now making their way back home in Nepal but remain stranded at the Nepal- India border. All returnees are required to maintain social distance, stay in quarantine for 14 days, and then receive a rapid diagnostic test (RDT) before they are allowed back by their local municipalities. However, local governments lack the capacity and resources to provide proper quarantine facilities, testing or even feed thousands of migrant workers entering the border every day. What are we trying to do?

10,000 Nepali migrant workers are making their way to the borders every day. Our goal is to fund local nonprofits already on the ground and serving the most vulnerable groups, migrant workers, women and children at the western Nepal- India border.

Together with SEBS- NA(Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students - North America), Sano Paila, a grass root organization, and our local partner, Min Bahadur Bham, we hope to provide food, water, masks, shelter and hygiene kits to migrant workers at the border.


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